A weekend trip to Rochehaut and Frahan in Belgium

We went on a short trip to Rochehaut in Belgium in July 2017. The weather was great and we enjoyed our stay there very much.
Rochehaut is a small village on the Semois river and has a great view point to look down on the Semois and the village of Frahan.

We stayed at the guesthouse “Les 3 Mousquetaires”, which is owned by an older couple and they rent 5 of their rooms to guests. You get very good value for money with a nice room and breakfast that fills you up for a good start to the day.

When we arrived in Rochehaut we went to the center of the village and had a huge, very tasty sandwich at the bakery “Pom’ de Pain”.

The weather was really great on this day, so we decided to take the path down to Frahan on the Semois to have a swim with our dogs. The path down to the river is about 1 km and you have to follow route 29, which signs are good to see. The way down is quite easy as it just goes downhill, but I recommend wearing hiking shoes. The way up can be a bit exhausting (120 height meters on the distance of 1 km).

When you arrive at the pedestrian bridge (“Passerelle” in French) to cross the Semois to reach Frahan, there are a few places/stones on the shore, where you can sit or lay down. You can walk in the water on the rocks of the river, which are covered with grass/mud and it is very soft to walk on them. The water reaches up to the knees and you can cross the river to the other side.

On this day the water was very warm and you could sit on the stones in the water and feel the light current.

After our return to Rochehaut, we went for a drink at “La Boutique Ardennaise” on the main square. It has got several places on the street to enjoy a drink, a snack or something sweet. We chose some drinks and a plate of cheese and ham, which was delicious.

In the evening we went for dinner at “La Taverne de la Fermette”, one of the local restaurants and part of the “Auberge de la Ferme” restaurants. The dishes are huge and very tasty. I recommend to book a table in advance as it is very popular.